Our Primary Belief

We believe that every family unit in the United States should work hard toward becoming self-sufficient. This will help immensely when it comes to dealing with all of the hurdles that are bound to come their way.

Secondary Beliefs

We believe that communities should work in unison and try building loyalty, trust and an overall sense of togetherness. They should discuss supporting one another when it comes to disaster preparedness.

We believe that families should stock up on necessary items in order to prepare for any disasters. This can help them, their neighbors and others in the local community.

We believe in the goodness of humanity and the fact everyone has a responsibility to themselves, their families, neighbors and their entire community.

We believe that surviving a disaster on a personal, family and community level is always possible if the proper preparation is performed.

Our Mission

We would like every household in the US to be prepared for any event that comes their way, especially those that can change the entire course of their lives. This refers to events that have personal meaning, including the death of a family member, a fire at their home, developing an illness, being injured or losing their source of income.

There are also events that can affect lives on a local, regional, national and global level. In most cases, the damage is caused by a natural disaster, such as a tornado, hurricane or earthquake. While it is not as likely, it is possible for issues to occur due to terrible leadership, weak government or policies that are not favorable. The damages can last from as little as a day to years into the future.

We believe that any and all obstacles can be overcome. By adequately preparing and having Standard of Living Insurance, we think that all humans should be able to assess the situation, adapt as they see fit and topple any obstacles that get in their way.