Choosing MRE Giant For Your Civilian MRE Needs

MRE Meals / Saturday, June 23rd, 2018

Many people just do not realize how beneficial MREs can be. While most people think of them being used by military service personel, there really are many other situations in which they can come in handy. Once you come to realize all of the perks that can come with having MREs on hand you will be ready to investigate your options further on MRE Giant’s website to fulfill your civilian MRE needs.

One of the biggest benefits that MREs provide is their extended shelf life. In fact, some of them are created to remain stable even longer than the average option. The benefit of this is that you can stock your home, business, car or boat with them with the confidence that they will be safe to consume for years to come. The only factor that can affect their shelf life is if they are not stored properly. It is best that they are stored in a cool space that is tightly sealed. This prevents them from being torn open or affected by pests. It also keeps the moisture in the air from destroying them. Unfortunately, if their packaging is damaged they are no longer safe for consumption but proper storage and care will prevent that from occurring.

Unlike days of the past, there are now great tasting options that are extremely healthy. The meal options really are endless and are sure to fit your personal dietary needs. Given that you can read the complete ingredients list before you make purchase you will know for sure if the product is gluten friendly, vegetarian, vegan or any other dietary category you need. The producers of the various civilian MREs for sale carried by MRE Giant are well aware that there are needs that involve personal preference, health and religious belief.

You can also find the nutritional content that you would expect to find on any food product. It will include the calorie, fat and sugar so you can be sure that you are consuming something that fits into your desired diet. You will also find the sodium content, which can be very important for those that have a number of health conditions. Fortunately, there is not nearly as much sodium as there had been in MREs in the past, but there still could be more than you desire in select options that are available.

You will find that many of the options have almost a days worth of protein in just one meal. This is especially helpful for those that will be using them will need to exert a great deal of energy, whether it be by choice or necessity. Protein is one of the most important nutritional needs for those that will be active physically. It helps to prevent fatigue and keep the mind clear and alert.

You can also compare nutritional content across the various options so that you can make an educated decision. There are a number of companies that simply don’t believe this is important but MRE Giant knows just how conscious people are of what they put into their body and respects it a great deal.

In fact, one of their biggest requirements of any company that they distribute is that they follow the strictest quality standards. They must provide the highest quality ingredients in each and every meal. They also must meet the high industry standards for pouch sterilisation and meal stability to ensure every meal will be safe for consumption for as long is marked on the packaging. They take this very seriously and only sell the very best MRE options.

They also take the taste of each meal, snack and desert seriously well. Gone the days of MREs tasting horrible. They test each meal to ensure that they are not only delicious, but will cook properly each and every time. There isn’t much worse than being excited that you have a great meal in an emergency situation to only find that it will not heat up as it should. Sadly this is the case when it comes to lower quality meals ready to eat. When you order from MRE Giant you can rest assured that you are getting the best products available on the market.

If you are looking for variety when it comes to MRE selection then MRE Giant is the site for you. They have three primary producers, XMRE, Omeals and Eversafe, to choose from and each offer a large variety of meal options. In addition to entrees and sides you will also find snacks, deserts and more. Their selection will ensure that you will never get bored no matter how long it might be that you will need to put them to use. This is an area that they take great pride in as they know how mundane having the same meal repeatedly can be. It can also help with morale for those that are experiencing an emergency situation where MREs are their only meal option for an extended period of time.

You can also purchase their products in bulk so that you can get the most value per unit. Bulk orders can be customized to contain a variety of options as well. Their customer service team will work hard make sure that your personal preferences are met and you receive the best price that they can offer given your order size.

If you are a company that will be involved in distributing these meals to those in need you should know that no matter what the conditions may be, they have the logistical experience to ensure your delivery is made on time. They fully understand that roads often become unaccessible during an emergency for various reasons and have the ability to even have your order air dropped anywhere around the world to ensure people have emergency meals when they are needed most. If you will be ordering MREs in bulk that need any special delivery requirements it is best to contact them directly to ensure that every detail is handled perfectly. Their customer service is second to none in their industry.

In addition to helping you with logistics related to urgent situations, they can set up orders of any size. They sell their products individually, in combo packs, pallets and even by the truck load. Of course the price varies based on order sizes so if you are ordering in bulk you should contact the company for pricing. The pricing include a wide variety of shipping options. They are happy to provide the best MREs while helping you to grow your business. They can even create drop shipments so your customers believe that the product was shipped directly from your warehouse. They take pride in providing the best level of service as one of their best qualities and do all they can to satisfy their customer’s needs no matter how big or small they may be.

Large scale emergency situations definitely are not the only reason to purchase civilian MREs. It is a very important and beneficial use of them, but there are countless other reasons that they can be useful. One of the most popular of them is for personal emergency needs. No matter where you live there is a chance you will face an emergency that will leave you stranded wherever you may be at the time. Those that handle national emergency service programs highly recommend that everyone has a food source as well as a great amount of water everywhere that they spend their time. This includes your home, vehicle and place of employment. Having enough MREs on hand to sustain you and those around you for a few days will go a long way to ensure that morale remains high during what otherwise is a bad situation. If you have children it is critical that you have food on hand as children are far more prone to illness and disease even if they are forced to go even a few days without the nutrition that they need. This clearly is not a risk that you want to take when there are great tasting MREs that you can easily purchase online that are sure to be there for you when you need them most.

It is human nature to believe that the worst will never happen to them but history has proven that the unexpected can happen at anytime or any place. Even if you live somewhere that rarely sees snow there is always chance that you could experience a major snow storm that completely shuts down the roads and even power. Given that you can order meals ready to eat with heating elements from the best supplier around there, really is no reason to not be prepared. Just imagine the peace of mind you will have knowing that you will be prepared for anything that may come your way.

There are a number of emergency situations that can lead to you not being able to get nourishment. Some come in the form of natural disasters and others are due to the actions of man. Some of the most common involve heavy rainfall, snowfall, tornadoes, hurricanes, acts of war and more. These are things that can occur with little warning and leave you unable to get help for days at a time. It is best to be prepared by ordering the best MREs on the market today.

In addition to planning for the unexpected, people find MREs to be great for complimenting their active lifestyles. If you enjoy spending days in the great outdoors hiking then these meals are perfect for you. They are lightweight and provide all of the nutrition that you need to keep your energy levels up. There are a number of options that are particularly high in protein which your muscles need to keep cramps at bay. They also can be heated without worrying about starting a fire so you can have a hot meal even though you will be many miles from civilization.

They are also great for camping for the same reasons and more. You won’t have to worry about keeping food fresh with ice which will actually save you a great deal of money. You also won’t have deal with dirty dishes and pans while you are far from a hot water source, giving you more time to enjoy the great outdoors as you should be able to. Those that choose MREs love the fact that packing for their trip is a breeze. You will find that you will have more space in your vehicle than you ever had before. There really are only positives that come from choosing meals ready to eat for your next camping trip. Once you make the switch you will wonder why you hadn’t done so sooner.

Ready to eat meals can even be useful on day excursions. Imagine a day trip to beach and just throwing a few MREs into your vehicle and heading out for a day in the sun. You can leave the heavy cooler, grill and charcoal at home and truly enjoy your time soaking up the rays with the people you love most.

Due to how great the MREs from MRE Giant taste there are actually people that keep them on hand for meals at home. They are quick and easy to make. Almost everyone has days where they are too tired to cook. With this option you can have a well balanced meal without the hastle of having to spend a half hour or more cooking. Additionally, there is little to no clean up involved. Imagine coming home to a meal ready in just minutes on one of your intensely exhausting days.

When it comes the options available you will definitely be pleased. There are hearty meals that will leave you feeling full and satisfied, such as a variety of pasta dishes. There are also lighter options for those that prefer to eat light. Some of the best light meals are also vegetarian which can accommodate your personal or religious preferences.

There are also sides hat can compliment any of the entrees that are available. Some of the most popular sides include rice, mashed potatoes and more. You will not even know that they weren’t cooked at home. They are absolutely delicious as they were taste tested to ensure only the best meals would be in their selection.

Their snack options are also second to none. Snacks important part of a healthy diet which is why they provide an ample selection to choose from. As with the entrees and sides you can select from a number of vegetarian options.

Each and every meal comes with the condiments and accessories that you will need to fully enjoy the meal. This is to ensure that you do not have to worry about anything other than having the meal on hand. Many of meals also come with coffee and flavored powder that can be added to water to ensure that you can have variety in you beverage selection while keeping you hydrated.

For individual use there are a number of quantity options. You can purchase the meals individually, in packs of 6, packs of 12 or even more. If you do not see a quantity option that you desire you can always feel free to contact their excelent customer service team to place your order.

The three companies that they distribute are XMRE, Omeals and Eversafe. XMRE is well known for being a supplier to militaries that need meals that have an extended shelf life. They are great for those that are using them for potential emergencies or will likely be storing them in a warehouse for sales at a later date. Eversafe is also well known in the industry for being of extremely high quality. Their meals are shelf stable and taste great as well. Omeals is relatively new to the industry but has become extremely popular. Their meals are geared to those that live active lifestyles and were looking for alternative meal options. They put a great deal of time creating unique meals that taste like they were made at home. You will absolutely be stunned with just how great they taste and easy they are to make.

The one thing you can count on is that MRE Giant only sells the very best that is available. They have done countless tests and verify the production standards as they will accept nothing less than the very best for their customers. They guarantee that you will absolutely be satisfied with any product that you purchase and shipping option you need. This is why they are leader in their industry and should be your number one choice for your MRE needs.

A great way to get the best possible deals with them is to sign up to be added to their email list. You will receive exclusive offers and notification of their monthly specials. You can also get 10% off your first order which can be significant savings depending on how much you order. Be sure to tell your friends about this great offer. Granted, you definitely will see just how amazing their products taste.

If you still are not convinced that MRE Giant is the best company to use you should take some time to do some research of your own. You will find glowing reviews online that can help you to see that their products truly are the best. You can even look for reviews of the individual companies that they distribute. They are well known for being the highest quality products available on the market. Once you see how other customers feel about their products you will know that this is the company that you should use above all others.

By doing your own research of independent reviews you can rest assured that you are making the right decision. Purchasing MREs, especially in bulk, can be a major purchase. Just like any other major purchase you should be sure that the company you choose has a strong and reliable reputation. Just like MRE Giant you should not accept anything that is less than the very best.

Just keep in mind the many ways in which they stand out from the crowd. They take the time to taste test every meal, snack and desert that they sell. They also love to go above and beyond to ensure that they can accommodate their customer’s shipping needs no matter what size their order might be. Additionally, they are completely transparent when it comes to the ingredients used in the production of their products and the nutritional content that is inside each meal. These are all things that other guys can’t claim.

Last, but not least, you can have the greatest confidence that their website is completely secure for placing your order online. They take your personal information seriously and know how important it is to prevent any breach of security that could occur. There is no reason to doubt that they have the measures in place that are needed to keep information sent on their site secure. However, if are one that does not like to order online you should not hesitate to contact then directly by either phone or email. Their customer service team can place your order using PayPal account or discover, visa or maestro credit card. Their number one concern is your peace of mind and satisfaction.

MRE Giant truly is the best company in the industry. Not only do they have full faith in the quality of their products, but they provide the highest quality of service as well. You will definitely be happy with every step of the process from placing your order to consuming the meal ready to eat. The only way you will know for sure just how great they are is by giving them a try. Once you do, you will surely wonder why you hadn’t done so sooner. There is no company out there that even comes close to the integrity of MRE Giant. Give them the chance to prove it to you.

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